Relieve Your Pregnancy Aches at a Local Spa Offering Prenatal Massage

Visit Your Local Spa for a Prenatal Massage to Ease Your Pregnancy Pains

During pregnancy, a woman’s body is put under a lot of stress and pressure as it constantly goes through physical and hormonal changes. As the baby grows, your posture is altered, and this strains your pelvic muscles. This is what causes the lower back pain many pregnant women feel during the third trimester.

Mental stress and physical fatigue not only affects the mother-to-be, but the baby as well. The goal of prenatal massage is to correct poor postural habits and ease the stresses on the body. This will help prepare you physically and psychologically for labor and childbirth. Visit a local spa that provides prenatal massage services to yield these benefits.

Alleviates Body Pain

Throughout your pregnancy, it’s normal to experience a number of discomforts especially in your weight-bearing joints and musculo-fascial structures. Back pain, neck pain, hip joint pain, sciatica, leg cramps, headaches and edema of the lower extremities are some of the most common complaints. A prenatal massage therapists focuses on these areas to release the tension on your muscles. A massage can also help you adjust to the baby’s increasing weight by improving muscle tone and flexibility, thereby relieving aches, pains and spasms.

Reduces Swelling

The swelling of your joints is largely caused by reduced circulation and increased pressure on major blood vessels. During a massage session, soft tissues are stimulated to reduce the accumulated fluids in your swollen joints. This allows the body to adapt to any change in alignment, letting you carry the extra weight with as little difficulty as possible. Increased blood circulation also helps expectant mothers by getting rid of tissue waste in the body’s lymph system and increasing immunity. In turn, the fetus gets more oxygen and nutrients so that it grows healthy.

Stabilizes Hormone Levels

Rapid and significant hormonal changes can subject pregnant women to depression or anxiety. According to the American Pregnancy Association (APA), between 14-23 percent of women will struggle with symptoms of depression during pregnancy. Through massage, stress hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine, which are found to be at high levels in those who are expecting, can be reduced. On the other hand, prenatal massage boosts dopamine, serotonin and endorphin levels to help strengthen pregnant women emotionally. Stable hormone levels not only relieves stress and improves sleeping habits, but can also lead to fewer complications during childbirth.

Getting a massage at a spa like Awakenings Spa Boutique in Leesburg is a great addition to your prenatal care routine. Before you book an appointment, however, check with your doctor or midwife on your next visit.


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