Take a Journey of Relaxation and Healing at our Spa in Leesburg, VA!


Join us as we hold a special Group Akashic Records Reading session with Valerie Sargent, CHt on March 19, 2017 at our spa in Leesburg!

Hurry! Only 15 slots available!

Everyone deserves to find the inner peace and relaxation that they need to cope with the stresses of everyday life. If you are having trouble finding these on your own, we’d love to invite you to our Group Akashic Records Reading session at our spa in Leesburg, VA.

For only $20, join Valerie Sargent, CHt as she leads an intimate gathering on a journey of spiritual healing. As an Akashic Records reader, Valerie will use her intuition and will allow the healing energy from the Akashic Records flow throughout the hour-long session. The combined energy of the group enhances and deepens the experience and everyone present gains insight and healing.

The records derive its name from the Sanskrit word “akasha”, which roughly means “that out of which all things are formed”. As such, the Records contain the record of every soul’s existence, as well as wisdom that moves the soul and creates a fundamental shift from self-reliance to divine reliance.

After you hour-long healing session, we invite you to enjoy our massage services to allow the body to match the recovery of your mind and spirit. Interested customers may call Awakenings Massage at (703) 728-6508 to register. Hurry! There are only 15 slots available.

  • Group Akashic Records Reading is strictly limited to 15 guests only
  • Slots are on a first-come first-serve basis only
  • Registration is open until all slots are full
  • In the event of a reservation dispute, Awakenings Massage reserves the right to decide
  • This is a One Day Special Event