Microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning

Bloom This Spring by Adding Microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning to Your Skin Care in Leesburg, VA

Meet spring with blooming, healthy skin here at Awakenings Spa Boutique! Say goodbye to the harsh effects of freezing temperatures, sunless skies, and excessive exposure to indoor air. Spring is the perfect time to revamp your skin care in Leesburg, VA with microdermabrasion and dermaplane facials.

These facial treatments are glowing skin miracle workers, and Awakenings Spa Boutique is running special offers just in time for the spring season! We’re also offering a massive discount on our Awakenings Signature Facial for an extra springtime treat.

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rejuvenating thanksgiving

Celebrate a Rejuvenating Thanksgiving Day Weekend at Your Leesburg Spa

Infuse a relaxing note into the flurry of your holiday preparations with premium Thanksgiving Day weekend specials! Your favorite Leesburg spa is offering an amazing deal on signature massages and facials this coming November 29 and 30. Get them as a treat for yourself or share them with your loved ones. Turn Thanksgiving into a fabulous spa day right here at Awakenings Spa Boutique! Read more

Benefits of Awakenings Signature Massage

Mother’s Day Special Promo: Awakenings Signature Facial and Massage in Leesburg, VA just for Moms!

Make this Mother’s Day celebration extra special with Awakenings’ exclusive Mother’s Day Special promo. Treat her like a queen with an indulgent facial and massage in Leesburg, VA!
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Celluma Therapy: Light-Inspired Skin Care in Leesburg, VA

Skincare in Leesburg, VA just got even more amazing – you can now pamper yourself with Celluma Low Light Therapy to look younger, banish wrinkles, beat acne, and even pain relief! Read more