Reduce Cellulite, Tone Muscles, and Detox With Lypossage from Awakenings Spa Boutique

Lypossage is a massage therapy modality that is aimed at reducing cellulite and inches while also detoxifying the body. This modern, cutting-edge type of massage is not only gaining popularity due to the fact that people are becoming more educated about detoxification, but also because these same people don’t have the time to get the amount of exercise they need, every day, to keep on top of their weight loss goals.

Spas in Leesburg, VA are buzzing with energy as more and more people discover lypossage. Here are some more of the details about how this amazing massage therapy works.

Lypossage Stimulates the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is a group of tissues and organs in the body that help remove waste and toxins. This is done through lymph vessels, that are very similar to capillaries and veins, which transport white blood cells throughout the entire body in a fluid that is filtered through lymph nodes. Some areas in the lymphatic system can become blocked up or congested, and this is where lypossage helps.

Unlike our blood circulatory system, which gets pumped through our body by our heart, the lymphatic system is reliant on muscle motion and contraction. The deep kneading, tapotement, and skin rolling techniques that lypossage employs affect the lymphatic system by keeping it moving and decongesting troubled areas where blockage has occurred.

This assists the lymphatic system with its important function of detoxification and waste removal.

Cellulite Reduction

A wonderful bonus of stimulating and decongesting troubled areas in the lymphatic system is that, when done over a period of time, it can smooth out connective tissue that once supported the lumpy appearance of cellulite. Many people seek out lypossage for this reason alone.

Lypossage Can Tone Muscles and Reduce Inches off Your Body

Lypossage therapists use a deep tissue massage modality that has been reported to lift and firm sagging tissue and tone the muscles. A study that included 100 women as participants demonstrated the effectiveness of lypossage when 86% of the participants lost about 5 inches between their mid-thigh and navel area.

Countless numbers of people, on a daily basis, are experiencing the positive benefits that lypossage has to offer. If you’re interested in experiencing this relaxing modality of massage for yourself, you might consider checking into a Leesburg spa. Friendly professionals are always on-hand to help you have a positive experience.


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