fathers day special

Father’s Day Special: Gift Dad with Relaxing Sauna, Massage, and Skin Care in Leesburg, VA!

Treat Dad to a well-deserved break this Father’s Day! Say thank you to the most special man in your life with our Sauna and Massage Combo here at Awakenings Spa Boutique, your oasis for massage and skin care in Leesburg, VA!

A One-of-A-Kind Gift for Father’s Day

Our Father’s Day Sauna and Massage Combo is the perfect way to melt away his stress and encourage total relaxation. For only $149, the 90-minute rejuvenating experience includes:

  • Sunlighten Sauna Therapy

Let dad forget the stresses of life with our sauna therapy here at Awakenings Spa Boutique. We only use the best infrared spa available today, Sunlighten Saunas, which are recommended by experts and celebrities alike for its powerful effect on health and wellness.

From the moment he walks into a Sunlighten Sauna, he will be surrounded by gentle infrared heat which:

    • Detoxifies the skin
    • Relieves joint and muscle pain
    • Lowers blood pressure
    • Boosts mood
    • Improves the immune system
    • Accelerates anti-aging processes
    • Enhances memory and focus
    • Promotes healing

A sauna session will leave him calm, rejuvenated, yet full of energy to conquer the rest of the day. But that’s not all — a relaxing Father’s Day is not complete without a soothing massage here at Awakenings Spa!

  • Massage Service

Dads do so much for the people they love, and it’s time to spoil them as a thank you for all their hard work. Our Leesburg massage therapists use expert techniques to release the knots and ease the tension that accumulate in their muscles and tissue. The results are rebalanced energies, a renewed sense of well-being, and complete relaxation.

To cap it all off, the Sauna & Massage Combo includes a coupon for a free beer at Black Walnut brewery in Downtown Leesburg. Black Walnut Brewery, is a beloved local spot known for its delicious and unique craft beers.

Make it Father’s Day Everyday

Too busy to celebrate on the day itself? No problem! Gift him with some alone time at our beautiful Leesburg spa, or make it a sweet bonding moment any time you wish.

Our Father’s Day Special is available from May 18, 2019 to June 16, 2019 so you can schedule at your convenience, as many times as you want!

More Gift Ideas for Dad

Father’s Day only comes once a year, so why not make it a full spa day? Awakenings Spa Boutique has a great selection of massage, skin care, and sauna services dads will surely enjoy. Try our:

  • Gentleman’s Special

Designed for men’s skin issues, our Gentleman’s Special includes:

    • Steam
    • Double Cleanse
    • Exfoliation
    • Extractions
    • Hydrating Mask
    • Scalp and Neck Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • Duet Massage
  • Back Facial
  • Enzyme and Chemical Peels

Celebrate Father’s Day at Awakenings Spa and Boutique

What better way to give back a father’s love than with all-out spa pampering and skin care in Leesburg, VA? Awakenings Spa Boutique is located in the heart of historic downtown Leesburg. You may call us at (703) 728-6508 to schedule your visit. Feel free to use our Contact Form for scheduling and inquiries. See you this Father’s Day!