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Enjoy Confidently Healthy and Beautiful Skin with Expert Skin Care in Leesburg, VA

Invest in your skincare in Leesburg, VA, today for a future filled with beautiful, healthy skin that you’ll be proud to show off! Caring for your skin is not just about vanity. As the body’s biggest organ, it is the ultimate protective barrier against harmful elements.

Healthy skin slows down disease, heals faster, and fights against signs of aging. Therefore, your skin deserves the best care possible. At Awakenings Spa Boutique, we design all our skincare services to do just that.

Be Skin Confident at Awakenings Spa Boutique

Healthy, beautiful skin takes more than daily washing. Experts recommend adding regular facials to your skincare routine to boost benefits. As your neighborhood Leesburg spa, Awakenings Spa Boutique is committed to:

Helping you find the perfect combination of facials and products for your skin

What works for dry skin may wreak havoc on sensitive skin. Our skincare specialists will help you understand your skin type and recommend products and facials for its healthy development.

Supporting your skincare routine with preventive care

Our skin specialists can spot the warning signs of skin issues, such as acne breakouts and infection. We can help you apply preventive measures to keep potential skin problems at bay.

Protecting skin’s safety during a facial

Awakenings Spa professionals know the right strength and formulation for products, such as chemical peels, so that you can experience the benefits safely.

Creating a deeply relaxing experience for your body and mind

We want you to feel good from the inside and out. Our Leesburg massage and yoga services enhance the effects of our skincare services. If you wish to achieve a deeper state of being or want some spa bonding with friends or family, you’ll find it all here at Awakenings Spa Boutique.

Awakenings Spa Boutique: Skincare Services

Find your perfect match with our full range of skincare services! Give your skin the love and care it deserves with our:

  • Acne Facial or Therapy – This relieves redness and kills bacteria that can cause acne and breakouts. It includes a healing LED treatment, double cleanse, a calming serum, and more.

Anti-Aging Facial – This nurtures your skin and restores that youthful glow with steam, double cleanse, mask, facial massage, and other multivitamin anti-aging elements.

Awakenings Signature Facial – This is a great skincare addition for any skin type!

Back Facial – This gives your back, elbows, and the back of your upper arms 55 minutes of pure TLC.

Gentlemen’s Facial – This is a deep pore cleansing treatment that targets the unique skin issues of men.

Microdermabrasion – This facial is minimally invasive but powerful enough to renew your skin’s texture and tone. It’s an effective way to enhance the appearance of acne scarring, sun damage, melasma, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin issues.

Oxygenating O2 Lift – This is a masterful blend of oxygen, all-natural stem cells, peptides, and bursting with enzymatic botanicals to refresh your skin into vibrant radiance.

Enzyme and Chemical Peels – These remove the dead layer of your skin and reveal the bright and fresh skin underneath.

Take Your Skin to its Healthiest, Most Beautiful State

There’s nothing like expert skin care in Leesburg, VA, to take your skin to the next level. Whether you’re coming in for a solo retreat or sharing the spa experience with your favorite people, you’ll walk out of our spa with a rejuvenated mind and body. Book your next skin therapy, massage, or yoga session here at Awakenings Spa Boutique!