Getting a Professional Massage

Everything You Need to Consider When Getting a Professional Massage

Everyone experiences stress at some point.  While stress is something you cannot entirely avoid, it is important to do something about it before it completely controls your life. Find relief from everyday stress by visiting spas that offer professional massage therapy and enjoy the many benefits it offers for your health.

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Reduce Cellulite, Tone Muscles, and Detox With Lypossage from Awakenings Spa Boutique

Lypossage is a massage therapy modality that is aimed at reducing cellulite and inches while also detoxifying the body. This modern, cutting-edge type of massage is not only gaining popularity due to the fact that people are becoming more educated about detoxification, but also because these same people don’t have the time to get the amount of exercise they need, every day, to keep on top of their weight loss goals.

Spas in Leesburg, VA are buzzing with energy as more and more people discover lypossage. Here are some more of the details about how this amazing massage therapy works.

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massage and spa places

4 Types of Massage Offered at Good Leesburg, VA Massage and Spa Places

In today’s fast-paced world, causes of stress can pile up on top of one another and bog you down. With so much negativity coming at you from all sides, finding a way to relax the mind and body is crucial. Fortunately, relaxation can be just one massage session away. Read more

spa improves romantic connection

How Visiting a Spa Improves Your Romantic Connection with Your Partner

There’s no denying that romantic relationships can be tense at times. With two people constantly trying to connect with one another, it should be no surprised that the pressure of keeping the romance alive and burning can be every bit stressful.

Fortunately, for couples residing around Leesburg, spa treatments are offered to those who want to share quality relaxing time with their partners. Read more

awakenings massage spa boutique - couples massage packages

Awakenings Massage Spa Boutique Offers the Ideal Couples’ Getaway

Leesburg, Virginia (August 17, 2016) – Awakenings Massage Spa Boutique offers couples a memorable and indulgent trip to historic Downtown Leesburg – all in just one appointment. The company is known for specializing in couples massage and for offering the best prices in the area as well. Couples massage is available every day of the week and is perfect for a romantic weekend. As early as now, book an appointment to take advantage of the other additional options that could be included.
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Awakenings Massage Spa Boutique Offers 3 Summer Specials in Leesburg

Leesburg, Virginia (July 25, 2016) – Awakenings Massage Spa Boutique urges valued clients in the Leesburg area to take advantage of the three new “summer specials” that are currently being offered. For a relaxing time at the spa, choose between these three aptly named specials: The Mojito Cooler, The Tequila Sunrise and the Summer Massage Package Special.
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The Advantages of Visiting a Leesburg Spa for Pain and Stress Relief

The day-to-day hustle and bustle of work can cause stress to build up. In addition, you may also be prone to experiencing pain in your joints and other parts of your body. If you’re looking for a respite from these stressful and painful nuisances, then think about booking an appointment in a spa. These facilities offer all sorts of amenities and services that offer positive benefits for your overall wellness.
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beautiful sunshine

Get Sun-Kissed Skin This Summer and Enjoy $15 Off a Spray Tan at a Spa


Enjoy $15 off the regular price when you schedule a spray tan on a Tuesday.

Get a summer tan from spas in Leesburg, VA! Read more

awakenings massage building entrance

Awakenings Massage Spa Boutique Has a New Downtown Leesburg Location

Awakenings Massage Spa Boutique has a new location in the heart of historic downtown Leesburg, Virginia at 15 N King Street, Suite 203. Stephanie Carpio, founder of Awakenings Massage started the business with the goal of assisting clients during their healing process through massage and energy work. With our clients’ well-being as our top priority, Stephanie has made sure that we have the most qualified professionals in our team of associates. Clients looking to visit us for a massage or energy work at our new Leesburg, VA location are in good hands with Nicole Underwood and Padma Jen Koch. Read more

awakenings massage wall message

A New Leesburg Spa Offers You Big Discounts to Great Beauty Packages


Celebrate the opening of our new Leesburg spa with us!

Enjoy big savings with our Airbrush Tanning and Eyelash Extension Packages!

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