The Benefits of Prenatal Massages: Should You Visit Your Spa Today?

The Benefits of Prenatal Massages: Should You Visit Your Spa Today?

Over the years, many scientific studies have shown the overwhelming number of health benefits related to getting a massage. From stress relief to improved sleep, regular massages from a certified massage therapist can easily improve the quality of life of just about anyone—even those who are going through pregnancy.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, prenatal massages at trusted spas in Leesburg, VA, such as Awakenings Massage, are often instrumental in a woman’s prenatal care. This is especially true for women who are in their third trimester. Some of the benefits of a prenatal massage include:

Pregnancy Pain Relief

It is no secret that massages help relax the muscles and improve the body’s flexibility and range of motion. As such, many women report relief from pregnancy-related pain, such as back pain or joint pain. Additionally, regular massages can help pregnant women maintain good posture throughout the third trimester. This can help counterbalance the baby’s increasing weight and help you avoid further back pain.

Fewer Complications

Massages are renowned for their ability to reduce stress hormones like cortisol while promoting the production of feel-good hormones like dopamine. This, however, does more than simply improve your mood. Studies have shown that reduced stress hormones can lead to fewer complications during childbirth such as low birth weight.

Improved Immunity for Child

Improved blood circulation is one of the many benefits associate with massages. This aids pregnant women because improved circulation allows the body to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. At the same time, it also stimulates the mother’s lymphatic system, which removes more toxins from both her body and the body of her child. As a result, the child benefits from improved immunity.

These are only some of the benefits of stopping by a spa and going through a prenatal massage session. If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of prenatal massage for yourself, be sure to consult your attending physician first. Your doctor can help provide you with further information, as well let you know a few details you should expect when going through prenatal massage sessions in your third trimester.


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