Awakenings Massage Spa Boutique Offers 3 Summer Specials in Leesburg

Leesburg, Virginia (July 25, 2016) – Awakenings Massage Spa Boutique urges valued clients in the Leesburg area to take advantage of the three new “summer specials” that are currently being offered. For a relaxing time at the spa, choose between these three aptly named specials: The Mojito Cooler, The Tequila Sunrise and the Summer Massage Package Special.

The Mojito Cooler is a 70-minute Signature Massage which includes a soothing eye relaxation method using chamomile tea bags. During the session, the massage therapist will use coconut oil infused with 100 percent aloe vera gel – the perfect moisturizing remedy for dry summer skin. After that, the client’s feet will be treated to an exfoliating treatment and pampering reflexology with a cooling lime. The overall ambiance during the massage is meant to help clients loosen up, complete with a mixture of pleasant aromas, the calming feel of sand on the toes and a cool mojito in hand. The Mojito Cooler special is available for singles and couples, priced at $135 and $280 respectively.

The Tequila Sunrise, on the other hand, is much like The Mojito Cooler. It’s also a Signature Massage using coconut oil, but this time, it will be infused with Blue Agave Tequila and Sage Oil. This nice blend has an amazing detoxifying effect from the tequila while sage oil helps release tension and promotes deep relaxation. Included in this neat little package is an exfoliating foot treatment with an orange zest scrub and reflexology with neroli and chamomile butter cream. This is also available for singles at $140 and couples for $290.

Lastly, the Summer Massage Package Special will be offered all throughout the season. This package allows clients to get three 1-hour Awakenings Signature Massages for only $249.

To make an appointment at Awakenings Massage Spa Boutique and avail either the Mojito Cooler or the Tequila Sunrise, book online today. Clients can also buy the Summer Massage Package or shop around for other packages online.

For more information, go to www.Awakenings-Massage.com

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